'Webcam' by Nikita Ponomarev

Sharing webcam series from Nikita (@polarplaza) or, shortly, ten statements on what can you do in the climate of covid entrapment with a tiny inheritance of google map walks and cyber drift from Jon Rafman, airless political climate and hedonistic escapism.

  1. Everything gradually changes but some things that interested me when I was 14 are still relevant.

  2. You should look at it as an adventure.

3. Not sure that a bootleg club is a good idea, police might take action pretty fast. But here it would be manageable, as there are some anyway. I should ask 'rumochnaia', that hidden local liquor store. 

4. Oh my neighbour has a bible for bartenders.

5. You should be careful with the Black Irish (a mix of beer and champagne), the Cold War cocktail is safer.

6. I don’t read books, I mean about art, Sontag was enough for me. I would rather get inspiration from Rick and Morty. However, Claire Bishop writes pretty relevant stuff.

7. a hui znaet (who knows).

8. Sometimes we need to get rid of the favelas of meanings.

9. If you feel like this is the natural way of doing something, well, what can you do? You can change the approach, medium, but the essential parts are still the same. 

10. No-no, nothing.