'The Tales by Iva' by Anna Mladentseva

Ivetta Malyshko ft. her headpiece

Ivetta Malyshko’s (Instagram: @the_tales_by_iva) collection of headdresses and belts are delicately orchestrated tokens of our past, folk lives. They are a comfortable fit for the first issue of Fetchish, which in its design revolves around nostalgia. This, in turn, spins a yarn of idolisation: a concentrated bunch of threads that we unpick one by one and admire.

Credits: Ivetta Malyshko

Malyshko uses earthly materials such as feathers, leather and horns to redirect this admiration onto a person. As such, anyone wearing these pieces, be it on their head as a halo or their waist as a belt, becomes the subject of otherworldly adoration. To many, this could form a modern celebration of both living and material culture; a passage towards self-love; or a reminder of honest, hand-made craft.

Credits: Ivetta Malyshko

@the_tales_by_iva presents a carefully curated account of the journey that these pieces undertake. It reveals faces of wearers, traces of the studio, and their organic habitats. Purchasing these pieces is also, in itself, an elevated experience where you are given a platform to freely direct your own folk tale and feature in Malyshko’s photography work.

Credits: Ivetta Malyshko

Ivetta Malyshko’s tales are, truly, rare and ethereal traces of the past in our heavy-footed modern life.

Credits: polarplaza

Text Credits: Anna Mladentseva