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Photography by Paul from Siberia

In these shots of concerts and gigs Paul Yurinskiy, otherwise known as Paul from Siberia, captures the intensification of young artists in Russia's pop music scene. Through this, new generation of artists overtake the attention of people and media, sublimating repressed energy into their music.

With the use of unexpectedly private angles, Yurinskiy's backstage photographs unfold the vulnerability of rising stars such as Malbec and Luna. Yet, the stars' energy, youth and glamorous fury are still masterfully preserved. Paul shares with us his experience of being a young creative and finding his own voice in the industry.

"I wouldn’t say that photography came out of nowhere for me. My grandfather had always been taking photographs and that intrigued me from a very young age, and on top of that my sister did film studies. This has led me to finally start taking photographs myself two years ago, when my friend left to study abroad and left me her camera as a present.

I’m still searching for my own style as it is a long and slow paced process. Obviously, it is massively affected by one's visual experience, views on life and their desire to make something seem completely different from what you’ve seen before. So many people take up photography without managing to put together good shots. Sometimes people find their style pretty fast, but others struggle with it for quite a while."

"Inspiration is such an individual and vague term. Of course, I get inspired at large by videos and music from the internet. But, I guess, a more important inspiration for me are details and textures from the everyday. And that includes emotionally fatigued people that surround me. Surprisingly, I see these encounters as a kind of 'tabula rasa': a potential to visualise something out of nothing.

Mostly people like my photographs from concerts but other shots, like my portraits, get different reactions. People my age tend to like the creative extravaganza of my shots, whereas people of the older generation are not so keen and prefer a more traditional style."

"A key aspect of my shots is psychological contact with the model. I am lucky enough to be able to find a common ground for communicating with a variety of people. Small talk and jokes help to create a safe atmosphere that helps my models to expose themselves.

I have changed my attitude towards photography and can see that I am making progress from where I started. Now that I've figured out some technical aspects I'm trying to find new ways of shooting and processing, so that people would be visually interested in investigating my works. But I also find that if I indulge in my shots for a very long time, I get trapped in my own static position and therefore cannot move on."

"In terms of music and pop artists in Russia, I noticed how young artists are overtaking the pop scene. People move away from stamps seeking originality, which allows them to discover new and interesting artists. I try to work with them."

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