'Asiatic Monochrome' by Ivetta Malyshko

The photographic series present cropped and zoomed-in images focusing on the flowing quality of textures. Inner dynamics of the shots construct abrupt narratives.

Ivetta’s visual elegies extend the legacy of traditional debates on the dialectic between text and image. She develops this theme in her minimalist installation which formally recalls Japanese style wallpaper with its fluid elegance and monochrome restraint. 

• vaults

I feel devastated all of a sudden,

as if scraped along the walls,

All of what had made up my ceilings.

I do not want to raise vaults again,

And let everything burn like lights of

Sanctifying churches that burn in the wind.

My body requires feedback.

My soul wants peace.

Like tombs in quiet cemeteries,

I hold an eclipse beneath them.

By burying myself in blankets,

And covering the sunbeam next to me.

I'll shut the unpleasant earth colored blinds

Old blinders, rocking the skies.

I am in a quiet sleep without a dream.

And I do not know whether I will return from the portals of silence.