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  • Lina Belman

'It is not special,' photography by Artem Kaplan

A few words from the photographer Artem who kindly contributed to our magazine and the photography discussion in general, who touched upon the topics of conformity and the struggles of personal practice in the field:

whom will i be saved by? whom will i be ascended by?

“My name is Artem and what I create can't be described with one specific word or even a genre. It is a whole spectre of upcoming emotions acquired as a result of visualising a moving concept. It is an atmosphere of my view on things. It is chaos.

I practice photography for already 3 years and with time I realised that the act of conforming to one specific style holds you hostage and forces you to dive and drown in the everyday routine which then becomes trivial and ordinary. I have never felt that what I was doing and what I am doing now is something special, however, I have always tried to find my own path. This is why I am not tied to a specific stylistic approach in my shoots. Instead, they embody difference.

I try to freeze the feeling of an atmosphere when I have a grasp of it myself because a snapshot is not just an image. It is the significance of a moment and the importance of the viewer's emotional condition. I never know what the final result will, although I do have some sort of vague plan and an approximate suggestion of the set, location or time. When one detail is changed the change of the whole concept follows.

I am trying to look wider. That is why my work holds this specific characteristic. My works can be precise or asymmetrical, bright and fixed or hazy and obscure, so that no one has an idea of the subject in the picture. So that it is the meaning, the heart of it, that you personally see. Each shot has its own plot, but it does not necessarily have to be transferred from the author to the viewer through concrete associations or descriptions of the creation process.

It turns out that 'the plot' is different for everyone. Which is great. It is only through bypassing the template with examples and sinking in the activity that you can feel existence and importance. And it is with these that the passionate fire turns you into the unfathomable creative chaos. “

and i won`t stop until i win

You can find other works here:

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