Riposte at Grow Tottenham: Ivetta Malyshko’s ‘Ryadom’

Follow us as we roam through London’s queerest techno night to uncover the work of one of our fetchish pioneers –– Ivetta Malyshko.



Riposte is an amorphous collective of DJs and artists offering a curated night of queersensual fun parks, art installations, performances and unbridled bodily emancipation. On the 18th of January, Riposte hosted one of its nights at Grow Tottenham, acclimating the community garden to the quivers of the crowd and techno music. You can get tattoos, explore the queersensual (dark)room with all of the necessary harm reduction, get involved in the performance programme or occupy the dance floor. The exhibited works act as foliage sequestering the garden of performing identities; acting not as passive bystanders, but as organic extensions of the crowd.

Ivetta’s ‘Ryadom’ (2019) is a graphic print of a reworked lotus flower on linen and organza. The suspended fabric doubles the identity of the greenhouse’s polycarbonate panel, seductively sagging down towards the semi-outdoor sitting area. The installation is displaced from the viewer’s immediate line of sight, configuring itself as a horizontal extension of the body. It is hoisted by the steel structure of the building, cleverly referring to the time it was exhibited together with Ivetta’s steel installation for the Goldsmiths end of year show. Plural instances of the work are interwoven in its presence, while the organic protagonist replicates itself across the two, twinning textile surfaces.

Credits: @ivetta_malyshko

The work’s title, ‘Ryadom’, translates from Russian as ‘close’; indeed, there is a peculiar intimacy to the severed flower. The trypophobia-inducing image is watered down in its transparency. Artificial lighting permeates through the fabric, orienting it towards the populated environment. The interaction between the work and its audience is profoundly bilateral, conjuring up a collective equilibrium. The lotus’ crevices too, are somewhat communal, anchoring seeds in patterned arrangement. This communal transformability is complimented by the semblance of Riposte’s club nights, that unveil a queermorphous ground for the performance and experimentation of identity.

Credits: @hincapiendo (Riposte)

Riposte’s crowd is incredibly welcoming, and the organisers actively pursue accessibility arrangements. The collective is currently exploring different modes of telepresence and networked raving, having had their last virtual event via Zoom on the 9th of May.

The Riposte Collective Contacts: Eden Topall-Rabanes (insta: @j_eden), Alexandrovna Hincapie (insta: @hincapiendo), Dani Dinger (insta: @tdse121), Hugo Da (insta: @that.guy.hugo), Robyn Herfellow (insta: @robynherherfellowgram), Sunitha

DJs on the Night:

Colour Carver:

LAW 334 (KAOS London):

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