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  • Lina Belman

Photography by Lina Belman

My name is Lina, I am the creator and the editor of the magazine. I also do some photography myself. The styles may differ from time to time, but I mostly focus on portraiture. Some sort of Tumblr Aesthetics are inevitable, sorry!

Here is one of my projects called 'Roof'.

The project does not present any particular narrative. Instead, it operates on an emotional level. Its purpose is to evoke associations such as freedom, carelessness, and joy juxtaposed with sorrow. 'Roof' is not a commercial project, it is not a fashion editorial, or a staged photoshoot. It is something in between, producing candid shots with prepared scenery.

If you want to contact the photographer directly, you can use the official email of Fetchish or direct message on Instagram.

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