'Pandemic Diary' by Portia Kentish

“Spending an extended period of time with myself in isolation has brought focus to parts of my body and corporeality that my conscious entirely bypassed in what was a fast paced life. Now that movement has ceased and things all seem very stagnant, parts of myself and my relationship with it have been brought to the surface. I guess this stillness, in combination with a newfound absence of touch can be both mentally and physically isolating to the point of distortion, which is something I have tried to express through these photos.

I think only from being in isolation have I come to learn and listen to the fact that my body needs physical touch, to me that is something that is very life affirming, so when I find myself confined in four walls away from hugs and hand holds with friends, it feels as if there is a disconnect between the role my body had in the past and present, and my broader relationship with it. At the same time, this silence has allowed me to hear the miracle that is my body, that is working and healthy, which in times like this feel like such a privilege and something I am endlessly grateful for. In a lot of ways, I guess the body can be seen as a canvas for where my responses to the pandemic are played out, both in the feeling of incompleteness as a result of isolation from tangible affection, as well as a gratitude for being able to isolate safely in the first place.”