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fetchish_net: act I — spectacle

Artists: thegeorgenet, AMIANGELIKA Performers: Elinor Arden, Isaac Maxwell, Shang Ren, Zeus Li, Rufina Fahritdi

Curators: Anna Mladentseva, Zlata Mechetina

Exhibition title: fetchish_net: act I — spectacle

Venue: Pushkin House, London

Date: 11 December 2021

Photography: all images and videos copyright and courtesy of Winnie Zhu, Zeus Li and Sonya Bleiph

Pushkin House and fetchish_net presented act I — spectacle, an immersive experience retelling the story of the Russian ballet ‘Nutcracker’ focusing on the speculative reality of the Rat Kingdom.

The baroque interior of Pushkin House, which evokes the lavishness of the magic realm, was coupled with liminal sonic and kinaesthetic elements of contemporary audio-visual media. Artists from the fetchish_net collective were using an array of transient media, combining light and sound, to reimagine a classical story, creating an immersive and subversive narrative where the viewer is placed in the position of a protagonist.

The evening was accompanied by a live performance from the experimental duo Pseudocide, who reinterpreted Tchaikovsky’s original compositions for the ballet using improvised electronics.

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