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  • Anna Mladentseva

56k Email: In Conversation with Jon Kaufman

56k Email is an email provider that seeks to pervert the homogeneity of Big Tech. This highly customisable environment borrows its language from the likes of GeoCities lurking in modem-mediated days of the Internet where only a 56kbit per second digital download (otherwise known as the V.90/V.92 standard) was allowed. For this article, we will be in conversation with the app's creator – Jon Kaufman. Jon and I framed the act of sending emails as a performance, documenting our GIF-infected thoughts on user data, creative coding and the legacy of the early internet. If you want to be part of the ongoing conversation, download 56k Email now on the App Store and send me an email at :)

You can find more about Jon and his work on his website:

Download 56k Email here:

Co-author: Anna Mladentseva

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